Although his students became some of the most renowned...

Although his students became some of the most renowned...

Author: Minnie Fisher

Although his students became some of the most renowned of all Greek philosophers, none of the writings of __________ are known to have survived.


Although his students became some of the most renowned of all Greekphilosophers, none of the writings of __________ are known to have survived.SophistusAristotleSocratesCicero4 pointsQuestion 2Athens formed the __________ to gain allies in the wars against Persia.PeloponnesianLeagueCorinthianLeagueTheban LeagueDelian League4 pointsQuestion 3The first truly "Greek" civilization is referred to as the __________ civilization.AthenianMinoanThebanMycenaean4 pointsQuestion 4The Phoenicians were most well-known for __________. their conquest of Egypttrading throughout theMediterraneanfounding the religion ofEpiscopalianisminventing a large andsophisticated army4 pointsQuestion 5The most important institution of classical Greece was the __________.tyrannypolisParthenonAcademy4 pointsQuestion 6Which of the Ancient Greek writers, scientists, and philosophers had the greatestimpact, and why?Your response should be at least 500 words in length. 40 pointsQuestion 7Match the person on the left with the correct statement to describe them on theright.DemocritusSocratesAristotlePlatoAristophanesAeschylusSophoclesA. Philosopher who applied logic toobservations of human justice andnatural phenomena which lead himto believe the sun revolved aroundthe earthB. Philosopher who developed asystem of questions and answers todevelop critical thinkingC. Physician who pioneered the ideasof clinical detachment from patientsand ascribing natural causes todiseasesD. Philosopher who believed thatwater was the basic element of theuniverseE.Early poet known for such epicworks as The Iliad and The OdysseyHomerHippocratesThalesF.Philosopher who believed therewere two planes of existence, thematerial world and the eternalworld of "forms" G. Playwright among the earliestknown tragedians-wrote that justiceand reason should be used toresolve conflictsH. Playwright known for the OedipustrilogyI.Scientist who originated the theorythat atoms were the building blocksof the universeJ.Satirist and playwright known forsuch works as The Clouds40 points

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