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Amazing Tips: How to Write a Good Problem Statement for the Lab Report?

Amazing Tips: How to Write a Good Problem Statement for the Lab Report?

Author: essayontime AU

Amazing Tips: How to Write a Good Problem Statement for the Lab Report?

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Image Link: the scientific field, you can research and write about a wide variety of things. However, to remain focused, the researchers should come up with a problem statement that will help them stick to finding the solution. The statement should clearly describe the issue in a concise way. That will prevent the problem-solving team from diverting to other things. Check the tips below and understand better.

Give the Vision

Start by giving a clear and concise vision of why solving the problem is essential. Include the benefits and show how the solution could affect the world. Once you have a good vision, it is easy to determine the way forward.

Issue Statement

Use specific issues to describe the problem you intend to solve. You can use one or two sentences to describe the problem.


You have to explain the methods and the process that you will use to find the solution. In this part, you have to show the steps that you intend to take.

Use the Five 'W’s

In your lab report format, you have to dress the five 'W’s. They include who, what, were not to mention when, and why. Explain whom the problem affects, what the issue is, its impact, and the benefits of solving it. Also, what could be the consequences of failing to use it? Write about when the issue occurs and when to solve it. Give the location where the issue occurs. Finish by addressing why it is important to fix the issue and its impact on customers/businesses.
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You have to provide problem statement examples and address a few questions. Address if the issue you are facing is long or short term and its effect in the future. List its effect on people, and if its research will affect existing practices?


After answering all the questions above, it will be easy to write your lab report with ease. Coming up with a good problem at the first draft can be a challenge. You can write a few drafts before you get a perfect one.


With a perfect statement, you will easily find the solution without diverting from the original objective. When writing your vision, ensure that it is concise and specific. Give a clear description for the readers to understand. You have to tackle the five ‘W’s, and do not forget to provide an example. You can write a few drafts to help you perfect your statement.