Author: Joyce Buda


Knowledge Integration Exam
Be sure to base your discussion of these issues on the theories and principles in the reading you have done throughout this seminar. This is not a research project. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of and ability to apply the principles and theories discussed in the course materials. Do not consult sources outside the assigned AMBA 610 course materials. Using sources that are not in the course materials may result in point deductions. Your exam should contain specific references to the textbook and other course materials. When making reference to course materials, be sure to include proper APA formatted citations and indicate direct quotations by using quotation marks and proper page citation. Course materials include the textbooks, articles, and any additional material posted by your instructor. Do not use any website materials.
Do not post a separate document for each question. Your final document should include ONE reference list at the end of the document with all of the references you used in your responses. The reference list is required but will not count toward the allowed number of words. In addition to the reference list, you should also cite sources in your text when appropriate.
You must address all questions. Your answers should be limited to the number of words indicated for each question. Failure to adhere to length parameters will result in deduction of points. It is advisable to use the word count feature to check.
Point Allocation: 80% of your grade will be based on the quality of the content of your responses to the questions. The content points allocated to each question are indicated. In addition, consistent with the practice followed throughout the course, 20% of your grade will be based on the quality of your attention to graduate level grammar, punctuation, usage, spelling, and APA citation requirements.
Content - 80 points
Issue 1 - Ethics and Legal Environment - 35 points. (1,000-word limit)
Sara Topps is a highly respected Senior Vice President at BetaZeta Corporation and is well known for her community service work. Sara has been at BetaZeta for a decade and has risen from the ranks, starting out as an assistant project facilitator and steadily progressing to a senior-management position. Sara’s performance evaluations during her time at BetaZeta have ranged from Very Good to Outstanding performance. Sara’s leadership on many BetaZeta projects has resulted in increased revenue for the company. She is generally well respected in the company, but, as is often the case with office politics, there are some people who had competed with her for positions in the past and are envious of her success.
Shortly after Sara’s most recent promotion to Senior Vice President, Artie Pope, who was also a candidate for the position, attended a conference. Artie was very disappointed about not getting the promotion, and, after a few too many drinks at a social gathering, he shared his disappointment with a couple he had just met that night. He was comparing his qualifications with Sara’s and he inadvertently mentioned her by name. The business world is sometimes a small one, and, as it turned out, the man Artie was talking with, Kilgore Trout, had known Sara at a previous job. Kilgore mentioned to Artie that he was pleased to hear that Sara had completed her MBA at UMUC because when he knew her she had dropped out for family reasons.

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