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American Hero - Martin Luther King Jr.

American Hero - Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: Angelica Hernandez

CCSS H/SS Continuity and Change: 

    3.4.B: Discuss the important of public virtue and the role of citizens, including how to participate in a classroom, in the community, and                                in civic life. 

    3.4.F: Describe the lives of American heroes who took risks to secure our freedoms (e.g., Anne Hutchinson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas                                Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr.)

Objectives: Students will be able to understand the role Martin Luther King Jr. played during the Civil Rights Movement. 

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Big Question

After you have completed watching the videos and the took the quiz regarding Martin Luther King Jr., you will then write a one paragraph response as to what you could do as citizens to help others in need. You will write this response on paper and submit to the teacher for review.