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American Revolution

American Revolution


By the end of this project, students will share their learning about the American Revolution by synthesizing multiple in-class resources to form an argument about the victors of the war. 

Students will create a project to answer the question: How did the American colonies win the American Revolution?

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Project Directions

Your Goal: Create a product to show your answer to this question:

How could thirteen disorganized American colonies win a war and revolution against England, the greatest economic and military power of the 1700s?

In your answer, you must:
• Give clear reasons for the American victory, supported by examples from the learning we did in class
o The more reasons you choose to explain fully and completely, the better you will do on this project!!
• Explain how the American Revolution impacted other parts of the world
• Do your own work and thinking (don’t copy somebody else’s words and work!)
• Use significant detail to show you have done thinking about this
• Be creative! ☺

How will you show what you have learned?

Complete one of the following options:
• Make an online flyer celebrating the American victory on the website
• Create a children’s book on that explains your argument (be careful, there is no artwork related directly to the American Revolution. You’ll have to be creative…)
• Organize a “mind map” on to outline and explain your answer. The more details you include, the better!
• Propose a new and different idea to Ms Dahlgren. Email her to get her approval before completing this option!

Will you get class time to work on this?

Yes! You should be thinking about your answer to this question throughout the unit. You can plan on having an entire class period at the end of this unit as a work-day. The project will be due the next day.

How will you turn in your product?

To turn in your project, paste a link to the final version of your project on the discussion in schoology titled: American Revolution Mini-Project

Make sure the link you post works, please!