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American Revolution: The Causes and the War

American Revolution: The Causes and the War

Author: Ben Porter
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Video #1

Watch the 1st video...

Video #2

Watch the second video, and complete the notes.  Then glue the notes to your interactive notebook

American Revolution Life in the Colonies

Great Britain controlled ______ _______________________ in North America.


These colonies were all separate, having their own local ____________________.


In 1755, Britain went to war with France during the ________________ ____

___________________ war.


To pay for the war, Britain imposed new _______________ on the colonies.


            The _________________ act created taxes on sugar and molasses.


            The _________________ act required all paper goods to be stamped with an official seal, which cost money.


            The _________________ act created a legal monopoly on British tea, meaning they would be the only ones allowed to sell tea.


Colonists were not happy about all these new taxes being placed on them, so they

began to ______________________.

Video #3

Watch the video and create a timeline based on the information given in your interactive notebook