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An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

Author: Donya Ernst

Explain what the opening of the play shows us about Birling and his attitudes.
Explain first impressions of other characters
Analyse the ways in which Priestley creates drama, suspense and tension up to arrival of the Inspector.

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Short video on the Inspector Calls

    An Inspector Calls 

Watch the video, it is a stage production.

Observe the context of the situation, the characters' reactions, feelings and emotions especially to their guest.

History Behind the Author

Write 5 main points about the author, his background which are relevant to his play; An Inspector Calls.


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Gender Roles

Write a 250 word paragraph on the gender roles which were evident in this period of time.


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The Characters

Prepare for an in - class project of how the characters fit into the social hierarchy in context of the play.


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Synopsis of the play

Listen to the audio recording which I have made up and think about what the final twist might be in preparation to the following power point on the plot.

The Plot

Read the brief overview of the plot on the powerpoint.
Prepare your thoughts on the main theme of the plot; what is it?


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