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An Introduction to U.S. Imperialism
United States Imperialism
An Introduction to U.S. Imperialism

An Introduction to U.S. Imperialism

Author: Dan Boyle

By the end of this tutorial, students will be able to:

  • define imperialism
  • discuss the role "Manifest Destiny" played in the desire of the United States to expand beyond its borders
  • describe the early steps at expansion in Asia
  • discuss why some politicians believed it was a good idea

Many countries have worked to expand their influence around the world.  They have done so for a number of reasons, but the basic ideas center around gaining wealth for their nation and "improving" the people that they have conquered and make their lives better.  The United States was no different from any other nation in this regard and almost from the beginning of the nation, the country worked to make both things happen.

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An Introduction to U.S. Imperialism (Screencast-O-Matic Version)

A look at how the United States began to spread its influence not only on the North American continent, but also around the world

An Introduction to U.S. Imperialism (YouTube Version)

A overview of how the United States began the practice of imperialism, first inside the borders of the nation and then into the Pacific Ocean