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An introduction to William Blake

An introduction to William Blake

Author: Mrs Gibbs

By the end of this unit you will understand Blake's social, historical and religious context and be able to apply your knowledge when reading and analysing selected poetry from Songs of Innocence and Experience.

Learning targets for this video:

  • Familiarise yourself with some of the key dates in Blake's life. Research any names or references you do not understand.
  • Be ready to express your view about the kind of world that Blake was living in. Make a note of appropriate adjectives to describe these times.
  • identify three key points that you have learned about Blake to share in our next class.
  • consider what other people have said about Blake and his work by carefully reading a selection of quotations.
  • pick one or more of the famous figures presented in the table who seem to you to share some similarities with Blake. Be ready to discuss these links in our next class.

This unit will cover contextual detail relating to Blake's life, including social, political and religious context that will act as a facilitator to analysing his work. by helping you to:

  • think about the times in which Blake lived
  • consider people's reactions to Blake during his lifetime and since
  • compare what you have discovered about Blake with what you know of modern artists, poets and musicians.
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William Blake