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An iPad Prepared Classroom Lesson Plan

An iPad Prepared Classroom Lesson Plan

Author: Julie Notsch

Learning Objectives:

-Students will demonstrate reading comprehension by communicating responses and new ideas, summarizing text, and identifying relationships between text.
-Students will collaborate ideas and demonstrate understanding of the book through the use of digital, specifically iPad, resources. 

-This lesson assumes students have had previous guided practice and experience learning the use

of both the Edublogs and GamePress apps.
-Students, in both independent and group settings, will read the book as directed by the teacher.

-Teacher enters both specific response and guided discussion questions in the edublogs site. Students will be expected to enter their responses to questions and discussion within the edublogs app. Teacher will respond to blogging opportunities with both individual student blogging response as well as full group/class discussion. If ebooks are used, students will be expected to digitally highlight text and vocabulary, develop questions, and make notations to be used in follow-up discussion opportunities.

- Upon completion of reading/blogging/discussing the book, students (with full group guidance from the teacher) will map out the game path/adventure demonstrated in the book. In individual groups, students will use the GamePress app to create their own chosen themed game of this book adventure. 

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Focus Subject - English/Literature: Grades 5-8
Book: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein