Author: Joyce Buda


ANALYSIS of Automotive Industry in South Korea and Japan in regards to the Cultural working environment.
Your task is to conduct an analysis of the industry and the two countries to help the CEO (your customer) decide whether the two countries have acceptable business environments for the specific industry. For example, if your team has picked beverage manufacturing as the industry you will be analyzing the two countries from the point of view of the beverage industry as a whole. This is an industry (not company) and country analysis. DO NOT select a specific company for your analysis in Team Report #1.
Your team analysis is to focus on the major risks and opportunities the two environments present as indicated by your research and supported by conceptual frameworks covered in the textbook and other course materials. The analysis should be based on a thorough search of databases, journals and other sources (see below “Process” for recommended databases). The report should demonstrate your ability to collect and summarize necessary country data, work as a team, and present your major points in a clearly written paper.
This assignment requires you to synthesize the key findings of your team analysis (Parts A, B, and C below) and to present your conclusions/recommendations (answers to the four questions above) succinctly in a 9-to-10 page report, maximum. The Executive Summary is part of the page count; the cover page, table of contents, appendixes, references are not included in the page count. Use one inch margins, 10 or 12 point font, double-spaced, and use APA format for citations and references.  
Analysis – three parts:
Part A - Do the countries have an acceptable economic, political, ethical, legal environment?
Part B - Do the countries have a suitable infrastructure? Is one location in a country that more suitable for the industry than another?
Part C - What cultural environment will the staff of the MNE encounter in the workplace of the two countries?
** I need, PART C : What cultural environment will the staff of the MNE encounter in the workplace of the two countries? 
* The industry is: Automotive* The 2 countries are: South Korea and Japan
* In addition, I need to include a table of pros and cons for the culture environment between the two countries.
Please follow the directions exactly, and I would like about 3 pages (including the table).

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