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2 Tutorials that teach Analyze Standards Based and Competency Based Instruction
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Analyze Standards Based and Competency Based Instruction

Analyze Standards Based and Competency Based Instruction


In this lesson you will understand the similarities and differences between standards based and competency based instruction and the implications for assessment and grading.

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Notes on "Analyzing Standards Based & Competency Based Instruction"

(00:00-00:38) Intro

(00:39-00:57) Objectives

(00:58-03:18) Definitions

(03:19-04:43) Best Practices

(04:44-06:13) Comparison to Traditional Education

 (06:14-06:31) Review

(06:32-07:31) Reflection

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NY Times Blog by TINA ROSENBERG - The Flipped Classroom as a Mastery Learning Model - This article connects flipped learning and mastery.Through the use of flipped lesson, the author demonstrates how the teacher can focus on personalized instruction and mastery in the classroom. She provides useful examples of what a mastery based flipped classroom would look like and suggestions to achieve such an environment.

Hattie Ranking: Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement

Official John Hattie Website on Making Learning Visible. This website offers a clear overview of the effect size of research-based instructional strategies on student achievement. In addition to the breakdown on effect size, the site includes videos explaining effect size and strategies, as well as interviews with and presentations by John Hattie. 

Harvard Graduate School of Education : Project Zero, Making Learning Visible

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Making Learning Visible

This is the official website of making learning visible.

Dr. Douglas Reeves - Toxic Grading Practices

Reeves explains the problem with using a 0 in classroom grading practices and provides practical strategies for alternatives to using a 0. This is a must see video for any educator considering changing the culture of grades in their classroom.