Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Author: Krystle Stehno
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Watch the videos below and then complete the quiz on the right.

I can use x-intercepts to graph a polynomial function:

Example 1

Remember that you are always welcome to use Geogebra instead of a graphing calculator!

I can find turning points of polynomial functions:

Example 3

Please note that for the "I can" statement below, it is considered "advanced" if you can show me that a function is even, odd, or neither algebraically.  If you only tell me that it is even/odd because you graphed it and can visually see that it is reflection-symmetric over the y-axis or rotation-symmetric about the origin, that is not "advanced".

I can determine whether a function is even, odd, or neither:

Example 4

Source: bigideasmath.com