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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will introduce some of the basic concepts associated with the art and culture of ancient Egypt.

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Introduction to Art History

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  • Nile River

    The longest river in the world located in East Africa flowing from the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Dynasty

    A series of rulers from the same family.

  • Ra (sun god)

    Egyptian sun god, a universal creator typically represented as a hawk-headed man with a solar disk and uraeus or cobra on his head.

  • Isis

    Egyptian goddess of fertility, represented as a woman with cow’s horns and a solar disk between them, also worshipped in ancient Rome and Greece.

  • Osiris

    Egyptian king and judge of the dead represented as a man partly wrapped as a mummy with a beard and wearing a crown.

  • Seth

    Egyptian god of deserts, storms, and foreigners.

  • Horus

    Egyptian sun deity, represented by a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon.

  • Hieratic Scale

    A system that represents sizes of things according to importance and based on fixed religious traditions.

  • Pictographs

    A record that is made up of symbolic representations.

  • Register

    The division of a composition into bands.

  • Canon of Proportions

    An Egyptian rule that mandated dimensions and scale.

  • Ka

    The Egyptian belief that identifies the difference between the living and the dead. When the body dies, the ka departs.