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Ancient Greece - How did the geography of Greece affect early civilizations?

Ancient Greece - How did the geography of Greece affect early civilizations?


SWBAT describe how the geography of Greece influence the way people lived and how they interacted with others.

SWBAT retell the Greek Myth, Theseus and the Minotaur and write an opinion piece comparing two video versions of the myth. 

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What is a Colony? - Mr. Corwin

Step 1 - Watch this video. Write or draw what a colony is in your notebook.

Geography and Early Greece

Step 2 - Watch Mr. Corwin's video about Geography and Early Greece.

In your notebook, write "Geography and Early Greece" as the title. Then write down or draw 5 things you learned, found interesting, or have questions about from the video.

Answer Mr. Corwin's 3 questions in your notebook as well. You do not need to watch the section about Theseus and the Minotaur.

Nutshell History of Ancient Greece Song - Ellen McHenry

Step 3 - Watch this video to get an introduction to Ancient Greece. Then, read through your lyrics sheet and underline or highlight 5 things or ideas that you want to learn more about.

"Nutshell History of Ancient Greece" Song Lyrics


Geography of Ancient Greece

Step 4 - Read this text about the Geography of Ancient Greece and look at the map below. Then answer these questions on in your notebook. Write complete sentences.

Question 1: How did the geography of Greece lead to strongly independent communities?

Question 2: How did Greek communities communicate with each other?