Angle Measure and Congruence

Angle Measure and Congruence

Author: chris ludbrook

1.  Identify and use complimentary and supplementary angles.

2.  Identify and use congruent angles.


In the first unit we developed an understanding of congruence as it relates to line segments.  We introduced the symbol () for congruence and discussed measurement in respect to finding the length of a line segment.  In this section we will further develop our understanding of congruence and measurement as we begin to work with angles.  We will also use what we have learned about deductive reasoning and the introduction to the postulates to make specific statements about angles.  Much of what is included in this section are definitions.                  

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Review of the Basics



Basic Angle Info

A brief discussion of complimentary and supplementary angles and an example that ties a few of these ideas together.

More Angle Concepts

Some more types of angle relationships that will help you solve some problems.