Angles Formed by Intersecting Lines: The Challenge

Angles Formed by Intersecting Lines: The Challenge

Author: Rachel Kaplan

-Vertical angles
-Supplemental angles that form a linear pair
-Solving angle measures that are given algebraically

When angles are formed by intersecting lines, many fun possibilities, including vertical angles and supplementary angles occur. Learn about them in this learning packet! Then when you think you're a pro try the Challenge at the bottom of the page to test out your angle abilities.

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Table of Contents

Prologue: Terms

Section one: Linear Pairs

Section two: Vertical Angles

Section three: Algebraic Angles

Section four: Challenge

Section five: Challenge Answers

Useful Terms

Here are some terms that you should be sure to keep in mind while reviewing this packet:

congruent = a term used to describe two angles that are exactly the same degree measure

supplementary angles = two angles that when added together, equal 180 degrees

linear pair = two angles that form a straight (180 degree) line

vertical angle = two angles that, when two lines intersect, are directly opposite each other

....Continue on in this learning packet to explore these terms in depth

Linear Pairs

Vertical Angles

Solving Algebraic Angles



Challenge Answer and Step-by-Step

What's next?

Ready for more fun with angles? Check out my next learning packet, entitled "Angles Formed by a Transversal: The Ultimate Challenge" that covers more properties of angles, including corresponding angles, alternate angles, and more!