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Animals: Human Muscular System

Animals: Human Muscular System

This lesson provides an overview that explains the muscular system in humans.
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Muscular System

Your muscular system has many functions. These include allowing you to move, regulating your internal body temperature and maintaining blood flow in your body.  Your body contains three types of muscle which are smooth muscle, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. Many of your muscles are striated which means that the fibers of the muscle are parallel to each other.

Smooth muscle:  involuntary muscles (muscles you can’t control) such as your intestines contracting to push food through them.

Skeletal muscle: muscle that attaches to your bones. These muscles in conjunction with your bones allow for movement. Example: your bicep muscle.

Cardiac muscle:  your heart is a cardiac muscle and works to pump blood throughout your body.

When a muscle contracts it exerts a force that can move something. For example, when your heart muscle contracts it forces blood out of the heart and through the body.