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Animals: Vertebrates

Animals: Vertebrates

Author: Nathan Lampson

Examination of vertebrates provides opportunity to understand life on a scientific level. Elevate your level of mastery by learning to contrast concepts such as endotherm and ectotherm and discover why the spinal cord is vital to all vertebrates. Begin classifying forms of life by identifying which types feature an endoskeleton and which do not. 

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Animals that have a backbone as a part of their skeleton are called vertebrates.  Vertebrates have a skeleton that supports their body and allows movement. The skeletal system found in vertebrate organisms provides a number of advantages for survival.

The skull protects the brain, ribs protect internal organs like the lungs and heart.  Skeletons support animals from the inside out, which allows vertebrates to grow bigger than animals with an exoskeleton.

Humans and whales are examples of vertebrates.

Animals: Vertebrates