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Author: Jane Bowser
  • At the completion of this project, students will be able to create an Animoto video to serve as a hook for introducing a lesson in the grade and/or subject they plan to teach.
  • At the completion of this project, students will be able to create an Animoto video with a partner to serve as demonstration of the learning of a concept in the grade and/or subject they plan to teach.


Animoto is an online video creation tool.  It is an excellent tool for teachers to use to create both hooks and reviews for lessons.  In addition, teachers can have students create their own videos to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic or to showcase their work.

In this tutorial, students will learn the basics of Animoto and then apply what they have learned to the creation of two videos.  Each video will be at least 60s in length and contain student created photos and videos in addition to Animoto provided music.

Videos will be embedded on the student's Google Site Wiki for presentation and will be accompanied by a detailed reflection on the tool and how it works, how the student could use Animoto in his or her classroom, and a description of the two embedded videos created for this project.

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Animoto Project Description

In this project, you will create two Animoto videos.

The first video will be one that you create on your own to serve as a hook for a lesson in the grade and subject you plan to teach.  The second is one that you will create with a partner to demonstrate mastery (like you would want a student to demonstrate) on a lesson in the grade and subject you plan to teach.  The rubric for the videos can be found at the end of the assignment.

Before coming to class on the first day Animoto is listed on the schedule, you should complete the following:

  • Create your Animoto Educator Account
    • Sign up for a FREE Animoto account.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click Education.
    • Look very carefully for the Are You a Teacher line and click on Learn More
    • Click Apply Now​
  • ​​Watch the tutorial video and the example video to get an idea of how the program works.
  • Pick an objective for a lesson from the grade and subject you plan to teach and start to think about how you could use Animoto to create a hook and a review for two different lessons.

Animoto Tutorial

This video provides a brief tutorial on how to use Animoto to create your own video for the classroom. Refer to it as needed throughout the project.

Source: Bowser, Jane (Producer). (2013). Animoto Tutorial. Available from YouTube

Animoto Example

This video is an example of the video created in the tutorial.

Source: Bowser, Jane (Producer). (2013). Puppy Power. Retrieved on July 29, 2013 from

Animoto Rubric

The attached file contains the rubric for the Animoto project.