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Answer Questions

Author: robert tatham

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 HUMA-Homework: New Latinos)
Read the article and answer the following questions:
1-Explain the differences in the U.S. government's support of Cuban and Central American refugees, and their consequent economic standing and success.
2-Explain the relationship between the U.S. support for Latin American military regimens and the emergence of the Diaspora/exile communities in the U.S. since the Cold War.
3-Summarize the tensions between the U.S. and Cuba in the 1960s after Castro's rise to power.
4-What were the results of the U.S. policy to isolate Cuba and its support of Latin American right wing military regimens?
5-What changes have the Cubans introduced into Miami and how did they build their own community? Cite examples of businesses, schools, neighborhoods and iconic restaurants.
6-Summarize information about the programs of subversion by national security agencies to topple and undermine the Castro’s government.
7-Analyze how Central American violence launched thousands of people to relocate in the U.S.
8-Summarize these Latino communities' initiatives to preserve their historic memory.
9-After reading this article, explain how it either complements and/or corrects your vision of the Diaspora and exile of Latinos from Central America and Cuba into the U.S.

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