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anti zika virus antibody

anti zika virus antibody

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anti zika virus antibody

Zika virus (ZIKV) belongs to the larger group of arboviruses (arthropod borne viruses). The Aedes genus of mosquitoes is the primary route by which ZIKV is transmitted. Of all the known cases of ZIKV infections, 80% are asymptomatic. The symptoms and signs of patients affected by ZIKV are similar to Dengue virus (DENV) and other viral diseases. The patient may present with fever, body aches, joint pains, fatigue, malaise, and conjunctivitis. Two main lineages have been identified so far from entire genome sequencing namely, the African and the Asian lineages. Further divided into two groups, the African lineage is composed of clusters Uganda and Nigeria. Study demonstrated that single serine to asparagine substitution (S139N) in the viral polyprotein can lead to enhanced infectivity of human and mouse neural progenitor cells (NPCs) by ZIKV. It was also suggested that this functional adaptation can lead to microcephaly in the mouse fetus, and higher mortality in neonatal mice.

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