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antibody conjugate Fluorophore

antibody conjugate Fluorophore

Author: creative biolabs

antibody conjugate Fluorophore

Monoclonal antibodies are versatile tools against numerous diseases ranging from cancers to series of infectious, immunological, or chronic diseases. Their high affinity and specificity towards corresponding antigens make them excellent molecular trackers for the targets in the form of antibody-based probes. Besides the expertise in antibody design and engineering, Creative Biolabs is also dedicated to the areas of high-resolution imagery, molecular tracking, and cancer diagnostics by developing customized Antibody-based Probes via the conjugation of monoclonal antibodies with various biophysical probes. With more than 10 years of experience in bio-conjugation chemistry and high-resolution imagery, the science team at Creative Biolabs can provide customers with comprehensive services from antibody design to the production of fully conjugated antibody-based probes.

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