Antibody-Mediated Immunity (Humoral Immunity)

Antibody-Mediated Immunity (Humoral Immunity)


This lesson will investigate an antibody-mediated immune response

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  • Antibody-Mediated Immune Response

    Also known as humoral immunity, the part of specific immunity that is conducted by B cells. During humoral immunity B cells form into plasma cells that mass produce antibodies to be secreted into our body tissue cavities.

  • Antibodies

    Specific protein markers that are created by the immune system for binding and reacting to specific antigens; antibodies are created by B cells during humoral immunity.

  • Dendritic Cells

    A type of phagocyte found in the skin; dendritic cells can also phagocytize (eat) a pathogen or part of a pathogen and display it to a B cell in order to activate it.