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antibody oligonucleotide conjugation

antibody oligonucleotide conjugation

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antibody oligonucleotide conjugation

Conjugation is a process in which two molecules/polymers or biomolecules/biopolymers are covalently linked together. Studies have shown that antibody molecules have many functional groups suitable for modification or conjugation purposes. Antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates or AOC belong to a class of chimeric molecules that bind to two important families of biomolecules: monoclonal antibodies and oligonucleotides. Cross-linked oligonucleotides-antibodies can be achieved by lysine and N-terminal groups. The combination of the excellent targeting ability of monoclonal antibodies and many functional forms of oligonucleotides has achieved fruitful results in various applications of AOC, including imaging, detection and targeted therapy.

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