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AP Calculus 4.2 Area Under a Curve

AP Calculus 4.2 Area Under a Curve

Author: Danny Whittaker

In this lesson we will be looking at the area under a curve.  After watching the videos you will be able to:

  • Use sigma notation to write and evaluate a sum
  • Understand the concept of area
  • Approximate the area of a region under a curve using rectangles
  • Find the area under a curve using limits

An introduction to the concept of using rectangles and limits to calculate the area under a curve.

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4.2 Area

Here is the 4.2 Area tutorial.  Enjoy the videos, take the quiz, show your genius!

Lecture Notes

Print and follow along as we go.



Sigma Notation

A brief review of sigma notation and some of the properties and formulas for evaluating them.

Left, Right, Upper, and Lower Sums

Introduces the different types of approximation sums that you can use.

Finding the Area of a Region

A couple examples of finding the area of a region under a curve.

Midpoint Rule

Very brief description of the midpoint rule.

4.2 Quiz