Ap Statistics 7.1 Sampling Distributions

Ap Statistics 7.1 Sampling Distributions

Author: Dorothy Rich
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Complete the video on section 7.1. I must see notes in class and the quiz below must be completed Also complete the quick three questions quiz to the left!

You should be reviewing over chapter 6 as well as starting on chapter 7.  If you need additional review on chapter 6 (binomial and geometric distributions and probablility distributions), go back and watch the videos here on Sophia or go to my website http://richstats.blogspot.com/p/chapter-7.html  for an excellent video from another source. 

REQUIRED: Section 7.1 Video

Take notes and bring to class on the video on section 7.1.

Need more work?

If you need more work on Sampling distributions go to :http://www.learner.org/courses/againstallodds/unitpages/unit22.html

REQUIRED: Video and review quiz

Complete this thoroughly!