AP Statistics 7.3

AP Statistics 7.3

Author: Dorothy Rich

Notes and Review on Section 7.3 for The Practice of Statistics covering sampling distributions of means and reviewing probability rules.

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Notes on 7.3

If you did not take your notes home with you print them out her.

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Source: The Practice of Statistics

Notes on Section 7.3

Notes on Section 7.3

Source: Created on Camtasia by Dorothy Rich

OPTIONAL VIDEO on Sampling Distributions

Are you still having trouble with Sampling Distributions! This is a very important concept. This is a great video from another source: Against All Odds - Sampling Distributions


Source: Against All odds

OPTIONAL VIDEO: Review of Section 7.1

If you missed class or are still struggling with section 7.1 review these notes!

Source: Dorothy Rich The Practice of Statistics

Optional Video: Geometric Distribution with Bob Lochel

Bob Lochel does a great job going through the Geometric distribution here. Go thorough is video and TAKE notes. Be able to answer this question: When he quickly goes through the four requirements to be a geometric distribution. How can we reason the independence and probability requirements are actually met?

Source: created by Bob Lochel