AP Statistics Summer Work Mrs. Rich

AP Statistics Summer Work Mrs. Rich

Author: Dorothy Rich
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Source: Dorothy RIch on Youtube by Camtasia examples from The Practice of Statistics

Did you Know?

Did you know? Some amazing Statistics to get us thinking.


Often you will have reading in your textbook for homework. It will not but very lengthy but it is a good place to go to help master your understanding. It is important when you read that you concentrate on the examples. That is where you will get the best understanding of the topics. When you read you will often have a reading guide to complete or you will want to take notes in your book or on paper as you read. You are responsible for all material in the reading even if we do not discuss it in class.

Full Screen

Source: The Practice of Statistics 3e Preliminary chapter

Complete the quiz below

You will often have google quizzes like the one below to assess your understanding on your homework. You can come back to questions later and make changes if you want. I will receive the answers online time stamped for when you completed them. This is also a good time to tell me if there are topics that you do not understand or areas where you still need help. Be sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom when you have finished!

Source: Questions from The Practice of Statistics 3e

Descriptive Analysis- Video 1

Source: Dorothy RIch on Youtube by Camtasia examples from The Practice of Statistics

Complete the following graphs

You can print these out or complete them on separate paper. They should be turned in the first day of school for part of you summer work grade. Use the video above as a guide how to complete the graphs and questions.

Full Screen

Source: Questions from The Practice of Statistics 3e

Flowing Data

Flowing Data - Here is a cool site displaying all types of data in interesting ways. Explore the site. Click on "see more" under Recent and Features. Look under Categories and Favorites. Pick one display page that is interesting to you. Be able to write a paragraph on it in the second Google quiz below. What is the display about? What is facinating about it?  What surprised you?  Where did the data come from? (see nerd notes at the bottom of each display).

Probability and Inference: Video 2

Source: Dorothy Rich with Camtasia on Youtube

Google Quiz #2


Last stop before You are Finished!

Have you completed your summerwork?

Have you watched the "DID YOU KNOW" video?
Did you thoroughly read the preliminary chapter above?
Did you complete the first Google Quiz on the reading and click "Submit"?
Did you watch Descriptive Analysis Video 1?
Did you complete the graphs and questions on paper or a print out? Bring these to class the first day of class!
Did you watch Probability and Inference Video 2?
Did you explore the "Flowing Data" site for interesting data?
Did you complete the second Google quiz on Video 2 and Flowing Data and press "Submit"?
Don't forget the short three question quiz above on the right!

If you have completed all of the above you are ready to start AP Stats!

If you have any questions or concerns for Mrs. Rich put them in the box below. See you soon!