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2 Tutorials that teach APA Bibliography: Electronic Sources
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APA Bibliography: Electronic Sources

APA Bibliography: Electronic Sources

Author: Sydney Bauer

This lesson introduces how to format an electronic source in an APA bibliography.

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APA Reference List Entry: Electronic Sources


APA Reference List Entry Format: Electronic Sources:
*Note: APA provides formatting for various sources of information, but does not provide specific formatting for every type of source. If you have a source that APA does not cover individually, choose a format for a source that you think is the most similar.
  • Electronic Books: Use the following format for an electronic book if it is not available in print, if it is only available in electronic form. If readers need to purchase the book or it is not readily available online, use “Available from” instead of “Retrieved from” before the URL.
Author’s last name, author’s initials. (Year of Publication). Title of 
the work in italics and sentence case: Same with subtitle. Retrieved from thing.html
  • Article from an Online Periodical: The format is the same for that of a print periodical, except you will need to include “Retrieved from” followed by the full URL.
Author’s last name, Initials. (year of publication). Title of the
article in sentence case. Title of Periodical in Title Case, volume number italicized (issue number), page number – page number. Retrieved from http://www.entireweb
  • Online Publication by an Author:
Author’s last name, Initials. (year of publication, month day). Title
of online publication in sentence case. Retrieved from
  • Online Publication by an Organization or a Group:
Name of Organization. (Year of publication). Title of online
publication in sentence case. Retrieved from 


APA: Electronic Sources