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APA Formatting Tips

APA Formatting Tips

Author: Jacob Sorem

Use Word to properly format APA papers

This packet is not intended to teach the particulars about  APA.  I'll leave that to other experts.  Rather, this packet is designed to showcase formatting tricks in Word to assist students in completing an APA style paper.

The tools demonstrated in this packet are:

  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Noodlebib Express from
  • Geek knowledge
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APA Cover Page Formatting

Using a template provided by me, this is how you can format an APA cover page. If you want to know how I accomplished some of the formatting, please feel free to e-mail me your question:

Tips on writing content in an APA paper

This is more of a tip on writing a paper with an introduction, thesis statement, and a conclusion, using the template I created.

APA References formatting

This is the most enjoyable part of writing a paper (#sarcasm).

Yes, this is probably the most cumbersome part of APA. However, by using a tool like Noodlebib Express, and some tricks in formatting, it can be something less hassling than an IRS audit.