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APA-style Headings

APA-style Headings

Author: Linda Vann, PhD

Upon completion of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Identify the five different levels of APA-style headings.
  • Format the five different levels of APA-style headings.


You may not need to use all five levels of APA-style headings in your academic writings, but it is a good idea to become aware of the headings and how to use them.

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APA-style Headings - Levels 1 - 5


  • There is a quiz to the right, and an optional assignment that you can access from the link below.
  • Take the quiz after the tutorial. When you are ready, complete the assignment.

Access the Tutorial

Click the image below and, when prompted, enter the username and password listed below.

username: emaillearner
password: emaillearner13​

Source: Linda S. Vann using Articulate Storyline

APA-Style Heading Quiz

When you have completed the tutorial, please take the quiz located to the right. 

Check Your Understanding APA-style Headings Assignment (optional)

Click here to download the optional APA-style Headings assignment to your computer.


  1. Read the instructions provided at the top of the assignment.
  2. When you have completed the assignment, return to the tutorial to check your formatting.
  3. After you complete the assignment, please fill in and submit the feedback form below.


Formatting APA Headings Quiz/Assignment Feedback Form

Please complete and submit the short form below to indicate whether or not you have completed the quiz, the assignment, or both.

Thank you.

Source: Linda S. Vann using Google Docs