"Apocalypse Now: Team Building With a Heart of Darkness

"Apocalypse Now: Team Building With a Heart of Darkness


Hey, team! Let's revisit this 1979 masterwork with a close, critical eye to transparency, team building, collaboration, and annihilation. 

Journey with two team leaders, each tasked with separate agendas, into the heart of darkness. Discuss.

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"An errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill."

The classic movie "Apocalypse Now" raises some thought-provoking questions about leadership, alliances, teams, and loyalty. The movie is about many things other than group dynamics, of course. Still, it's an interesting starting point for a discussion on the conflicts and cross-purposes of teamwork. 

Original film trailer for "Apocalypse Now"

Oh, man. Just hearing the voice-over in the trailer still gives me chills.

"Hearts of Darkness": The documentary on the making of "Apocalypse Now."


Need a meta-layer? Here's the trailer for the documentary about making "Apocalypse Now." 
The director says, "We were in the jungle. There were too many of us. We had access to too many [...] and too much money and little by little we went insane." 

The fabulous Dengue Fever

A little Cambodian surfer music for post-movie reflection?