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Appium Mobile Automation Testing Online Training

Appium Mobile Automation Testing Online Training

Author: Subha Glory

Appium Mobile Automation Testing Online Training is offering at Glory IT Technologies. Our Appium Tutorial Covers Basics to Advance Level Concepts on Mobile Automation testing APIs. Appium is a freely distributed Open Source Mobile Application UI Testing Framework

Appium allows Hybrid, native and web application testing and supports automation test on Physical devices as well as on emulator or simulator both. Which offers cross platform application testing i.e. single API works for both android and IOS Platform Test scripts

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- Knowledge of Java
- Knowledge of Selenium would be an added advantage

​Introduction to Mobile Automation

a) What is Mobile automation testing?
b) Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing
c) Mobile automation tools

​Introduction to Appium

a) Mobile automation tools
b) Why Appium?
c) Introduction to Appium
d) Understanding Native, Web and Hybrid APPs

​Basic WebDriver

a) Selenium Web Driver Overview
b) Why Web Driver for Selenium
c) Configuring Web Driver in eclipse
d) Web Driver Drivers
e) Identify Objects
g) using Web Driver
h) Handling Web elements
i) Running test in multiple browsers
j) Synchronization

Appium Installation and Configuration on Windows

-Installing the New SDK Tool Kit for Android
- Installing the Eclipse ADT Plugin
- Download Appium
- Starting Appium Server
- Extracting Packages and Activities information of pre and post installed apps
- Running your first Appium Program
- Starting and Stopping Appium server from Code

​Appium Android - Identifying Mobile Elements

- FindingElements with Uiautomatorviewer
- Taking the Device screenshot
- Understanding the different locator tags
- Understanding the UISelector Class
- Finding Elements by ClassName
- Finding Elements by ids
- Finding Elements by Xpaths

​Testing Android Native Apps on Windows

- Making a call with internal dialer application -Real Device
- Adding a new contact to the phone book - Real Device
- Sending SMS from a real device


- How to Install TestNG plug - in in Eclipse
- TestNG sample script
- Writing Selenium testing script from scratch
- TestNG for parallel execution
- Creating Test suites using TestNG
- Reports generation using TestNG
- Running test suite on parameterized test cases
- Re - run failed test cases
- Running TestNG suites from command prompt


- What is frame work?
- Types of frame works
- What is Data driven frame work?
- Use of framework
- How to execute scripts from framework?
- Creating a BAT file for project execution

​Object repository

- What is object repository?
- How to use object repository in framework?
- What is the use of maintaining object repository?
- Sample scripts using Object repository

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