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Apples for First Graders

Apples for First Graders

Author: RoseMarie Thomson

NGSS Standards: LS3.A:  Inheritance of Traits: Young animals are very much, but not exactly like, their parents. Plants also are very much, but not exactly, like their parents. (1-LS3-1)

ELD/ELA Standards: 6. Reading/viewing closely Describe ideas, phenomena (e.g., how earthworms eat), and text elements  (e.g., setting, main idea) in greater detail based on understanding of a variety of grade-level texts and viewing of multimedia, with moderate support.

Tech Standards: Use a variety of age‐appropriate technologies (e.g. drawing program, presentation software) to communicate and exchange ideas 

Art Standards: 1.1 Describe and replicate repeated patterns in nature, in the environment, and in works of art

Objective: Students will be able to identify the apple tree's life cycle and the parts of an apple.

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The Big Question

Use your crayons and a piece of white paper and draw the changes that an apple tree goes through over the course of the year?