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Applications of Color

Applications of Color

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson, you will learn to identify psychological, physiological and cultural applications of color theory as well as applied uses.

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Notes on "Applications of Color"


Image of four colors by Maria Tucker, Public Domain

Image of Color chart, Public Domain

Image of limes, Public Domain

Image of Sky, Public Domain

Image of Purple Heart, Public Domain

Image of Black Coal, Public Domain

Image of white dove, Public Domain

Image of St. Valentine,Public Domain

Image of paper lantern, Public Domain

Image of the Underground map, Public Domain

Image of chromotherapy, Public Domain

Image of Pantone fashion report, Public Domain

Image of CMG, Public Domain

Image of re-blued, Public Domain

Terms to Know

A complementary medical method of treating disease with color.

Color Forecast

Annual trend predictions made by color marketing and various design trade organizations.


Visual systems which assist the viewer in finding following a certain path within an environment.