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Applications of Surveys
Common Core: S.IC.3

Applications of Surveys

Author: Katherine Williams

This lesson will explain common applications of surveys.

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Notes on "Applications of Surveys"

Terms to Know

Gallup Poll

A public interest poll that strives to accurately reflect a population's opinion on politics, personal well-being, and many more topics

Nielsen Ratings

Ratings that use TV meters and diaries in select household to build estimates of what percent of the US is watching a particular television show

Nielsen Radio Index

An audience survey used to measure what radio shows people listened to


Terms to Know
Gallup Poll

Polling method developed by George Gallup whereby a very representative sample can be taken with a fairly small sample size.

Nielsen Radio Index

A method for measuring radio listenership that was first used in 1942.

Nielsen Ratings

A public interest study that measures mainly retail and media consumption.