3 Tutorials that teach Applying Kantian Deontology
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Applying Kantian Deontology

Applying Kantian Deontology

Author: Glenn Kuehn

Given a situation, apply Kantian deontology

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Source: Image of Socrates, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/29ZntMM

Notes on “Applying Kantian Deontology”

(00:00 – 00:37) Introduction and Things to Remember

(00:38 – 01:11) Content of Tutorial

(01:12 – 02:35) Review of Formulations

(02:36 – 05:35) Intuitive, Counterintuitive, and Ambiguous Results

(05:36 – 08:04) Kantian Verdict on Three Ethical Issues

(08:05 – 08:34) Summary