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Applying the 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning

Applying the 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, learners will investigate criteria for applying the pillars of flipped learning in their own teaching.

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Applying 4 Pillars: Audacity Fix

Applying the 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning

Notes on “Applying the 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning”


(00:00-00:10) Introduction

(00:11-01:09) Lesson Plan

(1:10-05:54) Applying the 4 Pillars

(05:55-06:06) Reflection

(06:07-06:38) Conclusion

Additional Resources

The Flipped Learning Model

This white paper includes a literature review of flipped learning. It also defines flipped learning, offers insights into implementation strategies, and analyzes early linked achievement data.

The Information Literacy "Flipped Classroom" – A Lesson Planning Lab

This presentation offers a comprehensive overview that allows teachers the ability to follow models and suggestions for flipping their classrooms. Starting on Slide 17, it provides activities to help you move your traditional homework design to a flipped model.