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Approaches to CBE

Approaches to CBE


In this lesson students will examine approaches to CBE: iNacol's Framework for CBE, Adaptive Learning, Project Based Learning and Deeper Learning.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Notes on "Approaches to CBE"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:28) Objectives

(00:29-01:44) Basics of CBE

(01:45-04:22) iNacol Framework for CBE

(04:23-05:43) The Buck Institute's Connection to CBE

(05:44-06:49) Deeper Learning's Connection to CBE

(06:50-07:26) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

How Does Deeper Learning Prepare Students?

This is a great post by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation that clearly identifies the transfer of knowledge and competencies that occurs beyond the classroom in Deeper Learning.

Top 10 Reasons Why Teaching Key Competencies with PBL is a Good Idea

This is a helpful resource from the Buck Institute that connects competency based education to project based learning.