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Appropriate language

Appropriate language

Author: Kathryn Reilly

    Introduce pretentious language and how to avoid it.


    Introduce jargon and how to avoid it.


    Introduce clichés and how to avoid them.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English writing styles and who is confused about how to use appropriate language. It will explain how to use appropriate language for academic papers. 

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Pompously Ostentatious Language, or Avoiding Pretentious Language like That!

This PowerPoint introduces and discusses strategies to avoid using pretentious language when writing. It also challenges the viewer to practice using fairy tale characters!

Source: Kathryn Reilly

What is Jargon?


Avoiding Jargon

This PowerPoint introduces and discusses ways to avoid jargon. It also provides examples posted by the United States government from their Plain Language campaign.

Source: Kathryn Reilly

YouTube Cliche and Jargon video

This video provides a funny depiction of how unnecessary cliches (and jargon) can be in a simple sentence.


Read My Lips: Avoid Cliches like The Plague!!

This PowerPoint introduces and discusses how to avoid cliches. It also provides examples of written cliches and Horror Movie cliches!

Source: Kathryn Reilly