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Apps for Good- team log in

Apps for Good- team log in

Author: Marie Duquesne


  • Use Team user name and password to access Apps for Good Project 
  • Complete team diary for Module 1 
  • Each group create a presentation or video giving details of the 2 mobile apps ideas 
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Apps for Good Team log in

Just a quick video to give you a tour of the Dashboard on Apps for Good and ensure you are able to log in in order to update your team profile and start completing the team diary for Module 1

Task to complete for this session

Your homework last week was to come up with 2 mobile apps idea for your group and be able to explain what the app will do.

Now work with your team to create a video giving details of your app ideas.

Make sure all members of the group participate in the presentation of your ideas.

The video should not be longer than 3 minutes.

Upload the video on youtube and email me the link. Make it private! Don't let people steal your ideas!