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AQA GCSE Paper 2 Ques 1 and 2 Reading Non-Fiction 19th and 21st century

AQA GCSE Paper 2 Ques 1 and 2 Reading Non-Fiction 19th and 21st century

Author: donya ernst

Wk 17.1 Paper 2 Ques 1 and 2 - Introduction into Victorian England

Comparing perspectives

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Intro to 19th Century and 21st Century Non-Fiction Texts Ques 1 and 2

This is a double lesson
Please read through the powerpoint and repeat the tasks for revision

Whistle stop tour of the 19th century

The 'homeless poor' of 19th century London

Creepy facts about Victorian London

Text Sources, tasks and word banks; analytical words, connectives for writing up responses


Section 2; Homelessness source: A and B

Homelessness in the 21st century and in the 19th century
With a possible response sheet