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AQA GCSE Paper 2  Ques 5  Writing Non-Fiction

AQA GCSE Paper 2 Ques 5 Writing Non-Fiction

Author: donya ernst

Writing non-fiction

Writing an article

Writing a speech

Writing a letter

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Paper 2 Ques 5 Explorations - The Gap Year - Writing an Article

Analysing an article on the Gap Year
Writing up the pros and cons of a gap year and putting it together into an article.
Tips, descriptions, examples and sentence prompts

The Gap Year Text - Should I stay or should I go?

Annotate the text


Student worksheet - The Gap Year

Various tasks, sentence prompts, examples and instructions how to write up the pros and cons of taking a gap year


Good Student Response

This is an actual example of a student's response.


Paper 2 Ques 5: Writing a Speech, Railways in the 19th century.

Annotating Barack Obama's speech for clarity on how one is written
The history of 19th century railways - the benefits.
Writing your speech to a group of townspeople convincing them of the benefits the railway will bring to their community.

Student worksheet; Obama's speech, rhetorical devices, your task

Annotate the rhetorical devices in Obama's speech.
Add the name of the rhetorical device ie ARRESTED techniques to the examples.
Task - Write a speech for the townspeople in the 19th century convincing them of the benefits the railways will bring you.
Includes starter sentence prompts and connective words.


A Good Example Response

An actual student's response.


Writing a letter

Summing it up - ARRESTED; Writing a letter

Letter format
Analyzing a letter
Writing a letter

Student worksheet - Writing a letter

ARRESTED Techniques
Sentence prompts
Connective words