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Aquatic Activities

Aquatic Activities

Author: Juvencio Arroyo

Students will be able to identify and demonstrate independent learning of movement skills in aquatic activities.  

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In order to  gain comprehension of the stated objective, please complete the following task:

1. Review links to web sources Aquatic Activities Swimming and Water Safety Swimming Strokes

2. View video of how to tread water

3. View video of freestyle swimming techniques

4. To take pop-quiz


Big Question

What are the safety necessary skills and techniques for entering swimming pools in the physical education class?

Swimming is Fun

In High School PE swimming class, students should be able to know how to tread water and be able to do breath stroke and freestyle swimming movements.


Source: google/kids swimming clipart

How to Tread Water for Beginning Swimmers

This is a great video for beginning swimmers to learn how to trend water

Source: Sportdotcom's channel, February 17, 2012

Freestyle Swimming Techniques

This video is very helpful for students to know the body movements of freestyle swimming

Source:, Februeary 10, 2012