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Arab Dress, Music and Language

Arab Dress, Music and Language

Author: Jeff Mehring
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France and Great Britain in the Middle East




1920, France and Great Britain began to create nations in the Middle East. The French were worried about Arab nationalism so they decided to "divide and conquer". The French supported minority groups.

The French created the State of Great Lebanon and in 1925 created Syria. The French gave more power to the Alawites and Druze in Syria.

While the French were doing this, the English wanted to give more power to the Arabs. In 1921 the English made Faisal the King of Iraq and his brother, Abdallah, the King of Jordan.

In Palestine the British created a Jewish homeland, this made the Arabs angry.

In the 1930's many of the Arab countries wanted to be independent. Both France and Great Britain had all the power in the countries they created. Great Britain gave Iraq and Egypt independence but did not give independence to Palestine.

In 1936 France was forced to give Syria and Lebanon independence.

In 1940, during World War II, the Allies took control over much of the Middle East.   


France and Great Britain in the Middle East Video

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