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Arab Unity and Pan Arabism

Arab Unity and Pan Arabism

Author: Jeff Mehring
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Arab Unity Reading



In 1930, Abdallah, the King of Jordan who was the king of Syria before, wanted a greater Syrian Kingdom. He made plans for a "Greater Syria" which included Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

Abdallah's brother Faisal, the King of Iraq, had a similar idea called the "Fertile Crescent" which included Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

Egypt, did not want to be left out, joined with Saudi Arabia to stop Abdallah and Faisal's plans. Saudi Arabia did not like Abdallah and Faisal because their father was supported by the British when Saudi Arabia became a country. Egypt had their own idea of Pan Arabism so did not like Faisal or Abdallah's plan. 

Arab Unity Video

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