Area and perimeter of irregular shapes

Area and perimeter of irregular shapes

Author: Dan Bowler

- to practice calculating areas, perimeters, and circumferences
- to help foster and develop problem solving skills

Several non-standard problems involving area, perimeter and circumference are presented in a slide show along with their solutions. The goal is to foster problem solving skills.

Photographs used in this packet were obtained at morguefile.com (accept where noted). Morguefile grants permission to use its images.

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This lesson assumes that the student has some familiarity with calculating areas, perimeters and circumferences.  

The main purpose of the lesson is to focus on problem solving skills.  This is done by presenting non-standard regions which require the learner to develop strategies for breaking a problem into smaller more manageable "chunks".  

irregular areas

This slide show goes through some examples involving how to calculate the area of irregular shaped polygons.