Area Calculations - Two Methods

Area Calculations - Two Methods

Author: mary daunis

illustrates the process of finding a left cumulative area on a normal curve

Two methods are shown - one is the usual way of cranking out calculations and finding values in a table. You should master this method to ensure you understand what is going on in the process. But, once you have practiced it sufficiently and feel confident, it is actually ok to use the David M. Lane Web App to make your life just a little easier - we could all use a little ease at this point!

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Problem Setup

Let's find out the probability that a randomly selected individual is taller than I am. We will use some data from a textbook dataset and examine the descriptive statistics first. Note that the data appears to be approximately normally distributed - I describe what that means in more detail.

Calculate the Probability

We find that I am actually pretty tall - at least taller than 92% of the females in this data set.

A WebApp that Really Works!

Thanks to David M. Lane for the help - use this site for fun.