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Area of a Sector

Area of a Sector

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What is a sector?

A sector is section of a whole circle.  Some people like to think of it as a "pizza slice" of the circle.

To find the are of a circle, we have to multiply pi by the radius squared.

To find the area of a sector, we find the area of the whole circle but then we multiply our answer by the fraction of the circle that the sector occupies.  So if the sector is 600, then we know that it is 600 out of the full 3600.  

So, the area of the sector is πr to the power of 2 space end exponent straight x space space 60 to the power of 0 over 360 to the power of 0

Area of a sector

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Area of a Sector

Here are some examples for you to try. Answers are provided at the end of each worksheet.